At Infiniti school, we focus on supporting students to enjoy the arts, connect with and take part in the wider art world, and develop creativity, communication, and leadership skills. The programme of study is designed to enable students to access the skills needed to participate in an Arts Award. Throughout KS3, we aim for students to develop their confidence, communication skills and learn new skills. At KS4, students have the opportunity to gain a wider understanding of the arts through their chosen theme. Students work towards a portfolio-based qualification: Bronze, Silver, and Gold Arts Award. 

Curriculum Map

What is meant by the arts?

Arts Award recognises a wide range of arts and cultural activities:

● Performing Arts (such as music, dance, drama, storytelling, circus, mime, carnival, musical theatre)

● Visual Arts, crafts, and design (such as drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, printmaking,

● fashion, design, architecture)

● Literature (such as poetry, fiction, journalism, scriptwriting, and storytelling)

● Digital and Media (such as ‘digital making’ using code, as well as photography, film, video,

● broadcasting, web design, multimedia games design)

● heritage activities including visits, workshops, and projects with museums and heritage venues,

● focused provision on art knowledge, appreciation, and skills

●  combinations of any of these art forms


By the end of Key Stage Four, the Arts Award programme of study aims to ensure that all pupils:

● become resilient and resourceful learners with a ‘can do' attitude 

● have an increased experience and understanding of arts practitioners and organisations

● embrace new art forms and technologies

● develop skills that are valued by the education and cultural sectors, and by business and employers.

● gain an Arts Award: Bronze, Silver or Gold.