The Reading Doctor

The Reading Doctor delivers a broad and balanced curriculum with an emphasis on the process. Rigorous and sequential assessments are undertaken so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and are retained. The assessments identify barriers to learning as well as gaps in knowledge/skills. From this starting point an individualised one-to-one programme is implemented, using high quality multi-sensory/dyslexia-friendly resources. Strengths are celebrated and weaknesses addressed quickly so that potential can be unlocked. 

Pupils are encouraged to adopt a problem-solving mindset during their varied and well-paced lessons. This builds resilience and independence, and encourages pupils to make connections between what they are learning. They are exposed to short, straightforward texts that instruct, describe, narrate and explain. Adult talk is positive. It values and promotes positive reading, writing, speaking and listening behaviours, and all our pupils reach at least a ‘functional’ reading age, thus preparing them for life as citizens in the modern world. All Reading Doctor pupils are also given a user account for quality selected online reading materials, enabling the opportunity to practice between lessons. 

What can the reading doctor help with?

  • Computer Program
  • Praise & Reward 
  • Certificates 
  • Phonics 
  • Handwriting 
  • Letter/Word Work 
  • Familiar Books 
  • New Books