Sounds Write

We have a team of specially trained Sounds-Write practitioners at Infiniti School who have the knowledge and understanding to improve the reading skills of our students.  

Sounds-Write is one of the high-quality phonics programmes endorsed by the Department for Education (DfE) in England as an effective systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP).

What does Sounds-Write help with?

·Learn the spellings in the initial code

·Practise blending and segmenting

·Reading and writing words and sentences

We recognise that no single programme can possibly address the needs of every individual student in this school. Literacy is not just being able to read and write: it is also a means by which individuals can expand the parameters of their own knowledge, explore their own thoughts and share them with others. For these reasons among others, we also use other reading programmes to support learners for example, Rapid Read and Dockside.

When it comes to helping struggling readers catch up, sparking their interest and keeping it is a big part of the battle. The Rapid Reading and Dockside programmes offer a collection of finely-levelled fiction and non-fiction books, covering a variety of topics and themes with a focus on teenage interests.

Both reading programmes are used in one to one and small group sessions to help struggling readers to catch up and close the gap in their attainment.  

You can find out more from our Literacy Lead, Suzanne :