2023/ 2024


Term 1           1st September 2023             to        20th October 2023

                       Staff Development Day                  1st September

                       Year 7s only                                    4th September

                       Year 7s, 11s, 12s & 13s                  5th September

                       All other students return                  6th September

                       Pupil progress day                          20th October


Term 2           30th October 2023                to       15th December 2022

                       Staff Development Day                   30th October

                       Students return                                31st October


Term 3           2nd January 2024                  to       9th February 2024

                       Staff Development Day                   2nd January

                       Students return                                3rd January

                       Pupil progress day                           9th February 


Term 4           19th February 2024              to         28th March 2024

                       Staff Development Days                  19th February

                       Students return                                20th February


Term 5            15th April 2024                    to         24th May 2024

                        Staff Development Day                  15th April

                        Students return                               16th April

                        Bank Holiday                                   6th May

                        Pupil progress day                          24th May


Term 6           3rd June 2024                      to         23rd July 2024

                       Staff Development Day                   3rd June

                       Students return                                4th June